Metal Jewelry by Cole

I majored in mathematics in college but always had a thing for art. The problem was, I could do differential equations but couldn't draw a straight line. I was lucky to take metals classes in high school and college though. I finally found my outlet.

I started selling in college while I was a senior. Actually, one of my projects was to make sell-worthy items on Etsy. That was in 2012. And I was so insecure about my work (and still can be) but I kept trying new things.

-- How My Style Developed --

One day, working at my IT job in Colorado Springs, I had an amazing coworker named Marie approach me with an idea. She knew I worked with metal and she wanted to request I make handmade plugs for her boyfriend. She said she wanted silver and dark wood. Almost immediately I saw the possibility. Within a week or so, I made her what is now my highest seller, the Silver and African Ebony Plugs.

After that I had so many friends and family members say, "You should do that style with pendants", or "You should try earrings or rings". Eventually my inlay style had a lot more possibilities.

10 years later and I have over 750 sales. I still can be insecure but with the incredibly kind reviews I have a tiny bit more confidence. I love peoples suggestions because without suggestions, I wouldn't have what I have now.

You can definitely see my math background showing itself throughout my line. Go math! These days, my full time job is as an actuary. Go math even more!

-- How It's Made --

All the gauges, (except 2g, 4g and 6g size because they're so small) start with 18g sheet sterling silver. I form it into a "tube" one plug at a time and carve out the ear groove by hand with a file. Then I will fill in the "tube" with the inlay perfectly and use a lot of sandpaper to create the flushness you see in all my gauges. Then polish each gauge to a bright shine. Takes a good amount of time and I am very particular, so know that the gauges I make for you are made with love and quality control. Haha.

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