Metal Jewelry by Cole

I majored in mathematics in college but always had a thing for art. The problem was, I could do differential equations but couldn't draw a straight line. I was lucky to take metals classes in high school and college though. I finally found my outlet.

I started selling in college while I was a senior. Actually, one of my projects was to make sell-worthy items on Etsy. That was in 2012. And I was so insecure about my work (and still can be) but I kept trying new things.

-- How My Style Developed --

One day, working at my IT job in Colorado Springs, I had an amazing coworker named Marie approach me with an idea. She knew I worked with metal and she wanted to request I make handmade plugs for her boyfriend. She said she wanted silver and dark wood. Almost immediately I saw the possibility. Within a week or so, I made her what is now my highest seller, the Silver and African Ebony Plugs.

After that I had so many friends and family members say, "You should do that style with pendants", or "You should try earrings or rings". Eventually my inlay style had a lot more possibilities.

5+ years later and I have over 250 sales. I still can be insecure but with the incredibly kind reviews I have a tiny bit more confidence. I love peoples suggestions because without suggestions, I wouldn't have what I have now.

You can definitely see my math background showing itself throughout my line. Go math!

-- How It's Made --

All the gauges, (except 2g size because it's so small) start with 18g sheet sterling silver. I form it into a "tube" one plug at a time and carve out the ear groove by hand with a file. Then I will fill in the "tube" with the inlay perfectly and use a lot of sandpaper to create the flushness you see in all my gauges. Then polish each gauge to a bright shine. Takes a good amount of time and I am very particular, so know that the gauges I make for you are made with love and quality control. Haha.

-- What's All This About Adoption? --

My wife and I are planning to adopt a little baby girl from the Middle East in the next few years and we are using this shop as a source of money for our adoption fund. They say that we should expect to have $40,000 prepared for the whole process and we have other income and ways of saving but know that 25% of all CSebald Jewelry revenue goes to our adoption fund. This has been in place since Mid July 2017. Thank you not only for supporting my work as an artist, but adoption as well.

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